Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Supreeme 1 and gone??

By now, fans of Supreeme are well aware the trio (who recently became a duo while creating their last album God Bless The Child) is over for now. "Indefinite hiatus" as we call it in the music business (remember At The Drive-In? Fugazi?). For those still unaware read up on them boys: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supreeme

Atlanta's Creative Loafing has compiled a bunch of articles and interviews on the greatest rap group of the 2000's 1st decade. Including an in-depth interview with producer/rapper Shaka Girvan aka Tom Cruz and their entire discography (for the most part).


I first heard of these dudes in 2005/2006 when I was still in high school promoting my old group The Low Ends. I discovered them through Murs official website as they were mentioned as a new group from the south he was affiliated with. Turns out he got them their first record deal.

Murs' site compared them to Souls of Mischief so I had to see what the fuck was up. First song I heard was "Supreeme Court" from the Church & State album. I was shocked that some underground rap music unknown to me actually sounded original (and more shocked that these niggas actual had good HOOKS - something rare to underground hip hop, in general).

I was a fan from that point on, and bought the Supremacy album soon after and downloaded every free album they posted. I even scoured Myspace and found rare shits like an early version of Gold Medallion's "Laying Around With Your Bitch," "Fear Factor," and "Back 2 School Shopping."

I'll put it this way, I liked Supreeme so much that I sought out their producer Tom Cruz and made an album with the nigga (RABDARGAB). Plus I put their music on to every friend of mine that I thought would give a damn, interviewed them for various things I used to write for, and put them on the founder of U.S. Grime B L A C K I E.

Peep their discography below. Each album is a gem. You can find me on Silver Medallion on the song "Real Life" and on God Bless The Child on the song "Twist It Up" (the album also features fellow rap nigga comrade B L A C K I E on "Another Level").

Sad to see 'em go. I can honestly say this was one the last new group of artists of any genre that I was a genuine wholehearted fan of. The other is Deerhunter. Best of luck to them all.

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